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Truman Partnership Incorporated

"Helping Companies and Candidates 
make the leap to a better employment future!"

If now is the time to make that career move, be safe and secure with TPI...

When pursuing a new opportunity, one of the most important considerations should be self-preservation. You don't want to jeopardize your current position when seeking a new role.

Companies can interview all day long, but every time you investigate a new job, every time your name is out in the employment marketplace, you are putting yourself at risk in your current role.

Confidentiality is paramount at Truman Partnership Incorporate. We do not send candidate data out to our clients without getting your expressed permission.

We stringently qualify all parties involved to insure the strictest confidence throughout the hiring process.

Nothing happens without your consent.

What Matters Now...

Direct Representation - the key to making a successful move is to separate yourself from the dozens, sometimes hundreds of applicants that respond online to job openings. As an experienced professional you deserve specific attention from a prospective employer.

Working with TPI, you will get that direct attention from those involved in making a hiring decision. 

Prompt, Candid, Feedback - You will understand the parameters of the hiring process. the issues and timing of each step, and the outcome of these efforts.

Accurate, Complete Information - Working with TPI, our candidates are given full disclosure of the job responsibilities, compensation, benefits and relocation services regarding an opportunity. That why the viability of considering a change is addressed before time is invested. 

Today's job market requires the ability to act decisively and move quickly.